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Northwood in Middlesex is an area where you will find some of the most attractive detached houses for sale and lovely quiet residential streets. It was an area of vast farmland until 1887 when the railway station opened and an entrepreneur called Frank Murray Maxwell Hallowell Carew bought substantial plots and developers started to build huge Victorian and Edwardian houses. As you drive around the centre of Northwood, you will also notice four of the streets which were named after him. If you are looking for a large family home with a driveway to display all of your cars and a substantial rear garden to erect a marquee for celebrating birthdays, Barmitzvah, Diwali, Holi or hosting a wedding, Northwood has it all. It's like the new Hampstead Gardens in many ways, but much cheaper. On streets like The Broadwalk, Linksway, Copse Wood Way and Nicholas Way, you will find large detached houses for sale with at least 4 bedrooms.

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Since the railway station opened in 1887 the population of Northwood began to expand and many large houses were built to the north and west of the station, with smaller cottages on the eastern side. Some of the more expensive houses were built on Carew and Maxwell road, at a cost of around £750. The first shops on Maxwell Road appeared in 1888. By 1904, the Ruislip & Northwood Urban District Council was established to manage the infrastructure of the town as large private estates were being sold for property development and further expansion (From 1965 RNUDC was incorporated into the new London Borough of Hillingdon).

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To the south around Copse Wood, much of this land was owned by Kings College Cambridge and by 1914 there were plans in place to sell almost half of their holdings for house building. The College also leased 78 acres to the local Northwood golf club to attract the more professional classes of residents to purchase property on the new Copse Wood Estate. Meanwhile, on the east side, terraced houses were being built for the working class which included labourers, railway workers, carpenters, etc,. As the town of Northwood began to develop, a number of schools opened, Northwood College opened in 1893 and Mount Vernon hospital opened in 1904. Fast forward to present day and the horses and carriages have been replaced with motorised transportation and parking wardens. Green Lane has become the High Street and has many restaurants, banks, estate agents and a popular Waitrose supermarket. The buildings have mostly remained unchanged and the population of Northwood from the last census was 10,500 residents occupying 4,578 households. Around 57.7% of the properties are houses and around 42% are flats or maisonettes. Owner occupation was approximately 64% according to the last census, with less than 20% of residents renting privately.

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