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Moor Park is unique. On the Moor Park Estate there are over 500 private properties which include many large detached houses built from 1920 onwards and a handy parade of shops which provide useful services. The interesting thing about these detached houses is that they are very individual as you will see in our brief demo below. However, the defining feature of this private estate is that there is a London tube station which gets you to Baker Street in less than an hour. If you are lucky to catch a “fast train” the journey time is reduced to 35 minutes. There is also a championship golf course nearby.

The estate is run by a management company (Moor Park 1958 Ltd) which has clear guidelines on their website to help residents enjoy living on the estate and there is also an active residents association. The houses in Moor Park form part of a conservation area and there are strict rules which residents must comply with on a periodic basis and, when you are making any changes to your houses. The Moor Park Conservation Area Article 4 Direction was approved in 2005 and this means that you will need to seek permission before making any changes to hardstandings, roof lights, fences, gates, walls and a number of other enhancements or any form of property development. There will also be restrictive covenants contained in your deeds which may require you to periodically maintain some features. As you drive around Moor Park you will see beautiful tree lined streets in excellent condition and houses with well maintained grounds. If you are looking to upscale from somewhere like central London and looking for a large detached house with more space at the front and rear, then Moor Park Estate might just be the best option.

Property prices in Moor Park do vary because of the unique aspect of each property. Unlike terraced houses in central London where you will find an entire road with the same design and layout, houses for sale in Moor Park are very individual. This is also reflected in the pricing as you will find on one road, a 6 bedroom house for under £2.9 Million and just a few streets away, a similar size house for over £5.5 Million.

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As a chartered estate agency we are here to make the process of buying a home or selling your house as seamless as possible. Once you become our client, you will appreciate an efficiently managed service as we take care of the details using modern administrative methodology to save valuable time throughout the sales and conveyancing process. If you are looking for a local estate agent in the Moor Park area, we would be delighted to hear from you. To get you started, please send an enquiry from the contact page.

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