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Moor Park & Northwood Houses is a website portal owned by Luxus Häuser Group Ltd which is a certified Estate Agency and Member of the National Association of Estate Agents. We provide a local residential sales service for Moor Park and Northwood, covering everything north of Ducks Hill Road up to Merchant Taylor's School.

What's different about our service?

First, we are a chartered service which means that you will need to make an appointment and we will visit you at the property, our local office is just 10 minutes from Northwood. Second, you will receive a more personable service and your property will have our full attention until it is sold. Third, we are a Zoopla partner, which means that your property will also be advertised on a wide range of sites including The Times, The Telegraph, Prime Location and Mumsnet. Locally, it will also be featured in the Watford Observer paper and on their website. Our company also has a large social media presence to advertise your property for sale. To get you started, please give us a call on 0208 421 4000 to arrange an appointment.

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